Greetings from the “Tenacious Tau Class” (2016),

It was just a few days, yet we’ve gained so much from the experience, and will continue to gain for the betterment of our chapter; as well as this great fraternity as a whole. This experience has not only strengthened our abilities as leaders, men and officers within our respective chapters of Alpha Phi Alpha, but it has since opened our minds to the work we could be doing – and should be doing – to enhance, and bring light to the BRAND of Alpha.

One of the great topics that I enjoyed most from the academy was, “Exploring Spiritual Development.” We were given a series of questions. Each question was reflective of the one prior, and each stimulated our minds as we began to answer openly and honestly. Now, as some people were more confident in their faith than others, we continued through and broke up into small groups to discuss our responses. We saw how others would stumble across the same questions. At that moment, we moved into personal discussions, supporting our answers. Through that exercise, we got a chance to challenge ourselves in that spiritual development; while at the same time deliberating on the importance of the “Spirit of Fraternity,” and began to look at leadership as a spiritual journey.

Later in the week, we engaged in two separate round table discussions, one with the Eastern Regional Vice President (Bro. R. Anthony Mills) and the other with the current General President (Bro. Mark S. Tillman). Within those discussions, we had the great opportunity to speak with our leaders, which gave us a deeper understanding of the work that’s put in on both Regional and National levels. They both gave us very particular insight as to what the structure and framework of the fraternity should be, and how we can assist in our chapters to make sure we are doing as we should to ensure that Alpha sees another 100 years.

Moreover, this academy has been very informative, and with the knowledge gained we look to expand upon that and push to do great things not only for our Chapter and our District, but for Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated.


Harold Daniels, III
New Jersey City University, 2018
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.
Iota Rho Chapter, Vice-President