Alpha In New Jersey

Twenty years after the founding of our dear Fraternity, the Brothers in the State of New Jersey experienced a need to establish a local chapter to sustain them in their efforts to address what has been called the problem of the 20th Century – the problem of the color line; while pursuing, ambitiously their professional careers. Therefore on a fall Wednesday evening, October 13, 1926, in the home of Brother Dr. Clarence S. Janifer, Sr., at 208 Parker Street, Newark, New Jersey; Bro. Peyton Anderson, Eastern Regional Vice President with Bro. James Fladger and Bro. Leslie Thompson of Eta Chapter (Columbia University) met to form a New Jersey chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Fourteen were recognized as charter members of the Alpha Alpha Lambda Chapter seated in Newark, NJ.  With the desire for Alpha to grow to other parts of New Jersey, another chapter would be later established in Atlantic City, Alpha Theta Lambda Chapter. These two historic chapters would stimulate the growth of the Fraternity and aide the establishment of additional alumni and college chapters. By the Spring of 1974, New Jersey had nine Alumni chapters and three college chapters.

Our District

In the early fall of 1976, Alpha Phi Alpha chapter officers and brothers from around New Jersey met with State President, Brother Elbert C. Wisner, and developed what was then called the State Convention of New Jersey Chapters of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. The following brothers and chapters were present for that meeting:

  • Bros. Raymond D. Hicks, Carlisle S. Parker, Sr. and Jim Dave Wilson (Alpha Alpha Lambda)
  • Bros. Joseph R. Bridges and Augustus C. Hannon (Delta Mu Lambda)
  • Bros. James H. Allen, Clinton Dozier and Melvin Thompson (Theta Psi Lambda)
  • Bros. James A. Parker and William E. Wright (Zeta Epsilon Lambda)
  • Bros. James Davis, Norman M. Dowe, Barney Hendley, Richard Sands and Daniel E. Robinson (Zeta Nu Lambda)

The name was subsequently changed to the New Jersey Association of Alpha Phi Alpha Chapters (NJAAPAC), and represents the 20 chapters in the State of New Jersey, which includes eleven alumni and nine college chapters.

Our Past Presidents

  • 1st – Bro. Elbert C. Wisner*
  • 2nd – Bro. Carlisle S. Parker, Sr.*
  • 3rd – Bro. William Meyers*
  • 4th – Bro. Woodrow C. Holmes
  • 5th – Bro. Phillip Jackson
  • 6th – Bro. George Wyatt
  • 7th – Bro. Howard Haughton
  • 8th – Bro. James Holmes
  • 9th – Bro. Duane A. Malone
  • 10th – Bro. Ainsley A. Reynolds
  • 11th – Bro. Alfred D. Glass
  • 12th – Bro. Leonard V. Jones Esq.

* Omega Chapter